Thursday, January 17, 2013

A few things for sale

It's that time of year again...I'm purging and cleaning out closets.  Actually, "that time of year" comes about every 3 months in this family.  Here are a few cute, well-loved household items that I thought someone out there might want.  Please email me if you see anything that you want:

White cream and sugar: $7
(small chip on sugar bowl)

Pastry dome and plate: $7
(small chip on plate)

Set of 10 over-sized mugs with lids: $10 SOLD
(great for leftovers that need re-heating)
(oilcloth in that picture is $8/yrd)

Two large throw pillows: $4 each SOLD
(approximately 2'x2')

Two large throw pillows: $4 each SOLD
(approximately 2'x2')

King sized straight bed skirt in green: $15 SOLD

Set of 6 white linen napkins with pink trim: $2

Set of 8 plain white napkins: $4 SOLD

Two turquoise table runners with a shell trim: $3 each

Two silvery blue table runners with gold designs: $3 each

Chartreuse green shag rug: $5 SOLD
(measures 2'x3')

Blue shag rug: $5
(measures 2.5'x4')

Set of colorful picture frames: $5 SOLD

Not for sale...

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