Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Making a bed, part 2

Making a comfortable bed involves many different layers.  After you have covered and protected your mattress with a mattress pad that fits well, it's time to move on to the second layer: the feather bed!  These are fantastic if you like a cushy bed.  It's like sleeping on a cloud.  Your feather bed should fit the top of your mattress perfectly.  Look for one that has square compartments for the feathers.  If the compartments are long and rectangular, the feathers will all end up at one end.  This layer is more optional than the others, and probably depends on your climate.

Next come the sheets!  It is pretty widely known that the higher the thread count in sheets, the softer they are.  But, I have had 600 thread count sheets that pilled after one wash, and 300 thread counts that have held up nicely for years.  What you want to look for is double-ply fabric on your sheets.  This basically means that each thread is thicker, which will make your sheets durable and softer.

It's a good idea to add a light weight blanket on top of you sheets before the final comforter or duvet.  You don't want anything too thick, as it is just an extra layer.

On top of your blanket, you can add a comforter or a duvet (which is a comforter inside of a removable cover).  If you can get down, that is ideal as it regulates temperatures without being heavy.  But there are also many nice down alternative comforters out there.  And if you have a small washing machine, go with a duvet so that you can easily wash the cover.

And, last, but probably most importantly, don't forget pillows.  You should have at least two pillows per sleeping spot.  One pillow is for sleeping and can have a case to match your sheets.  You might consider getting a pillow cover in addition to the pillow case.  The pillow cover protects the pillow from accumulating dust.  If you don't use pillow covers, try using two pillow cases going opposite ways.  This will help protect your pillow.  Feather pillows tend to hold their shape pretty well, and most people find them very comfortable.  Your second pillow is to put into a sham that coordinates with your comforter.  You want the sham to fit snuggly over the pillow.  If you have ever tried to use an old, limp pillow for this then you know it looks a little silly.  If you can't get a new pillow for the sham, just stuff two old pillows in and make sure it is filled out.

There you go!  A cozy and easy-to-clean bed!

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