Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where have I been??

Yikes, it's been over two months since I've been on my blog.  It's even been over two months since I looked at it!  I would say that I have a good excuse since I start almost every day thinking..."we don't have that much going on today, I'll definitely getting to posting on my blog."

Then I hop out of bed to throw together a lunch for Jon before he heads out for work, and a take a fast shower before my little munchkin wakes up.  By the time I get my hair done and makeup on, I've refilled a sippy cup twice, made a pan of scrambled eggs, convinced a two year old to pretend her eggs are tiny fish and she is a scary dinosaur that has to eat them, stripped a wet crib, taken my girl to the potty at least 4 times, fed the dog,  made the beds, started some laundry.

I realize we are out of milk and eggs.  I run to store and while I'm out I realize I need to deposit some checks and fill up the car and vacuum the car, and between our two families I'm usually shopping for a birthday present.  When I get home I somehow let Darcy convince me that we have time for a walk, which always takes longer than I think it will.  Then I'm making PBJs and boiling peas and carrots.  I'm cleaning up the mess the dog has made all over the back yard.  How did he get a roll of paper towels anyway?

My sweet girl comes slowly walking up to me with her blanket and binky.  Time for a story and a nap.  I look at the clock - it's only 12:30.  I'll definitely have time to blog.  I just have a few dishes to wash, and meat to defrost, and laundry to fold, and the sticky spots in the kitchen to mop, and that corner in the bedroom to do paint touch ups, and that baby blanket to finish sewing.  Oh, and I forgot I needed to change the sheets and wash the towels and try to get some stains out of little t-shirts.  My back is starting to get sore again, so I turn on my prenatal pilates video and waste away another 45 minutes.  I sit down to pay a few bills and answer a few least I'm close to the computer now....just as I'm writing the last check I hear a sweet little voice begging to get up from her nap.  Where has the time gone?  And where has my nap gone?  

She sits on the counter while I make dinner, always ready to stir or measure or tell me that the knife will give me a big "owie" if I'm not careful.  While we are chopping vegetables and searing meat, I realize we are out of bread.  It won't take that long to just whip up a few loaves...and of course that keeps us busy the rest of the day until Jon walks through the door.  I forget about pretty much everything once he gets home.  It's just dinner and family time and bath for the baby and bedtime snuggles.

By the time dinner is cleaned up, I'm about ready for bed too.  But, wait, I was going to blog today!  I sit down at the computer and I can't even remember what I was going to post about.  Computer turns off and blog goes untouched.

I hope you've been continuing to make all your homes lovely.  I've been doing a different kind of decorating lately...the kind where your just keep things looking nice, keep the kitchen sink empty, and put the throw pillows back on the couch fourteen times a day.  I can't complain - I really love it.  And I have the best little buddy to do it all with.  Don't you just love her little face?


Go quickly and tell said...

Not to mention the time, energy, and effort it takes to grow a new little Tolly ~


Hope said...

I love this Lindsey!! way to go being able to answer the question, Where did the time go!! it can be so hard to figure out!!