Monday, March 12, 2012

Inspiration from Textiles

Sorry for the long absence, but what kind of blog would this be without a few of those apologies, right?  I have no excuses.  I've just been busy doing all the things that I like more than being on the computer.  But on to the subject at hand....inspiration from textiles!  Yes!  This is something that interior designers do all the time.  It's a little secret trick that really isn't that much of a secret.  When you're looking to pick the colors and designs for a room, try visiting the fabric store first.  Pick out a fabric that you love - you have to love the combination of colors, and the ratio of colors.  Do you want something that is mostly pink, or something that just has a splash of pink?  Go ahead and get a swatch of the fabric.  Even if you never use it in the space, it will be your go-to color palette.  You can use any colors on the fabric and know they will work well together.  You can carry the fabric in your purse and pull it out when shopping for accessories.  If you pick a fabric that has a light background, go with an airy color on the walls.  It will give the same vibe as the fabric.  Making sense?  It really simplifies alot of the decision making process and helps to focus your design plan.

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