Thursday, May 16, 2013

Finding your inspiration, step by step

You can easily create a stylish room that reflects your taste on a very small budget.  They key is to make sure your inspiration is coming from something you really love so that you love everything you create to match it.  Here are a few steps to decorating a room from your inspiration piece:

First, Find an item that really speaks to you.  It can be as simple as this Anthropologie mug.  You don't even have to purchase the item, as long as you can get a picture of it.

Second, visit a paint store and pick free paint chips that match the colors on your inspiration piece.  If you are using the mug, you will want yellow, green, white, and blue, all in the tones found on the mug.  It's important that you look for colors in the right tone.  If your inspiration piece has a mustard yellow, then choose a mustard yellow, not a bright yellow.

Third, take note of the patterns in your inspiration piece.  It is a busy pattern? Is it a floral? Is it stripes? Is there lots of dead space?  Are there multiples?  Try to incorporate those patterns into your design.  You see on the mug pictured that there are multiple circle designs along the base of the mug.  One way to reflect this pattern in a room would be to have a collection of matching plates arranged on the wall.

Fourth, start incorporating the colors into your space.  Paint your walls.  Paint any furniture that doesn't fit with your inspiration.  Cover any upholstery with a fabric that matches.  Use whatever you can that you already have in the colors and patterns that you find in your inspiration piece.

Fifth, shop for items that you don't have, but always keep your inspiration item in mind.  I have actually printed out pictures of inspiration items and kept them in my wallet while shopping.  Even if you have to purchase low-end or cheap items for your room, you will find they they look nicer when they fit into your overall design.  I've found some great items at garage sales and thrift stores when I know what I'm looking for.  It keeps me from buying something just because I like it or its a good price.  If it doesn't match your inspiration piece, then you don't want it in the room.

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