Monday, July 11, 2011

Decorating the Spare Room with Spare Change

This post is for those of you on a budget that has no room for decorating. You can create a cute, comfortable space with just a few dollars. The trick is to keep your colors simple, with a few bold punches, and use a lot of what you already have. You might have to do some dumpster diving, so just make sure to have a gallon of white paint on hand.

Welcome to my spare room...

I chose to paint this room with the leftover dining room paint (BM Moonshine). Cost: $0

We rescued the twin beds from nearly ending up in the dump, and my awesome husband painted them white using paint that we already had. Cost: $0

I already owned the sheets and pillows, but I got the rest of the bedding from Ikea. Cost: $42

I found that fun blue rug at Ross. Cost: $6

I bought these candle holders at Ross years ago and spray painted them. Cost: $2

I did these simple paintings with canvases that I found on sale, using paint that I already had leftover from other projects. Cost: $5

I made the throw pillows from fabric that I found on sale and a couple of old pillows. Cost: $3

This chair was free, and of course I painted it white. It obviously still needs to be recovered, which will cost me something later. Cost: $0

The simple curtains on the windows are a temporary fix, but they have been in our house since we got married so I don't even know how much they were originally. Cost: $0

The table between the beds was another dump rescue, and painted with paint that I had for my front door. Cost: $0

The tray of toiletries is something that I always have on hand for overnight guests. The tray itself was a wedding present, but the vase of rocks and the toiletries cost:$6

Total cost: $64 to decorate an entire room!

I hope that encourages you to look around your house and use what you already have. A coat of paint can work wonders! I would love to see pictures of any or your rooms that you have decorated on a budget, so send me an email!

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Kilner said...

I love the twin beds, they look fantastic. And the wall hangings you did are so cute. You are so talented. I can't believe how you pulled that room together since the last time I saw it!