Monday, May 23, 2011

The Psychology of White

Color psychology has always been a little funny to me. I don't think you can absolutely say that the color red makes everyone feel a certain way, or that the color yellow is an abrasive color to every eye. But one idea that always seems to hold true is that the color white feels clean. I know many people feel that white is too stark or cold, which even the biggest white lovers out there would agree with. It is stark and cold, and that's why it feels sharp and clean. I have rarely found a room that couldn't be improved by at least a little white (or off-white/cream). It always adds a sharp line and finishes the whole aesthetic of the room. It allows the eye to take a break from pattern and color, and it is obviously a great compliment to every color. Even very warm palettes can benefit from a creamy white whether it is on the trim, the walls, the textiles, or the furniture. So next time you are wondering how to make a room feel cleaner and sharper, consider adding a bit of white. I, for one, think that every good housekeeper needs to have at least one gallon of white paint on hand.

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