Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Hallway

Here is a little project that I'm excited to share with you all! It has been in my head since we looked at the house, so I'm happy to get it out of my head and into reality.

Here is the hallway when we first bought the house:

And here it is a few weeks later.

And now today. (Yes, we always have at least one toy in the hall, I need to get some more pictures up, and we still need to put in new trim. I'm seriously going to cry on the day I get baseboards. So if you see me wondering around Moscow with joyful tears streaming down my face, you will know I have baseboards!)

Let's get a closer look at the door.

I took three of the colors that I have used in other rooms of the house. The branches are the color in the Living Room (Sherwin Williams: Believable Buff), the leaves are the color of the kitchen (Sherwin Williams: Tollefson Green), and the flowers are the color of my guest bathroom (Benjamin Moore: Burnt Peanut). The design is inspired by several textiles that I have on throw pillows throughout the house. I really wanted something simple and colorful that pulled together some of the elements that I've used in the house.

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