Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Private Quarters

As I have studied Interior Design over the past few years, Private Quarters has risen to the top of my linen list. Their products are top quality and very affordable. But really it was my daughter who got me started as a Private Quarters consultant. I went to a PQ party one evening and entered "Northwoods Throw in Ivory" on my wishlist. It really was a wish. We had were in the middle of buying the house and luxury items were not top priority. But a few weeks later I got a package in the mail from the consultant who had thrown the local party - it was the Northwoods Throw in Ivory for free! I couldn't believe it. I wrapped my very active little toddler up in it and she feel asleep within ten minutes - and slept for three long hours. It was magic. Where could I get more of this magic? If it made my sleep-fighting daughter sleep like an angel, what would it do for me, an individual who is regularly dreaming of more sleep? After looking into the company a little more I decided to represent them as a consultant. Their products are beautiful, soft, luxurious, affordable, and they last forever! My calender is filling up with PQ parties - I can't wait to show everyone how amazing these linens are. Plus the company offers successful party hosts a free item of their choice and several half priced items! Who wouldn't want to host a party?

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