Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Guest Bathroom

We have a funky guest bathroom. It is one of those spaces that I would have looked at and thought "closet" but someone else thought they could fit a bathroom in it. It is separated with a pocket door into two spaces: the laundry/shower space and the toilet/sink space. So here I am, stuck with a funky room. The only solution is to make it bold.

I have a stacked washer and dryer that hide behind this lovely shower curtain from Pottery Barn. It is working well for now. I threw some white paint on the wall to cover the light yellow that was in there before.

I picked up the red in the shower curtain and painted the second half of the bathroom in Burnt Peanut. It is very red and dark and I like it - this picture really doesn't show how pretty this red is. Since the front half of the bathroom is white, the red isn't overpowering. Now for some bright white trim and a new light fixture....and that shelf needs some attention other than the strip of painters tape that is covering a heart....yikes so much to do!

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