Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Kitchen

The kitchen is always the biggest project when updating a house. For now, I just needed to find a way to live with what's in there until I can get to painting cabinets, replacing appliances and counter tops, etc. And if you are in a rental, you are having to deal with alot of temporary decorating, too.

The cabinets are not terrible, but they are not my favorite. We are not even going to mention that stove. Just ignore it for now. I chose a paint color that would go well with works well with the adjoining rooms but also compliments the elements that I can't change this week (like my cabinets and counter tops). I actually had to mix a few different colors until I came up with the perfect shade of blue/green/gray, then I painted it on a piece of cardboard and had Sherwin Williams color match it for me. They even named the color after me. How nice.

Adding some texture to your walls, like that corkboard, helps to distract from other elements in the room that you don't want to bring attention to.

Another fun and cheap way to add texture to your wall is by stretching fabric over old picture frames, stapling the backs and hanging them on the wall. I use this trick all the time, mainly because I always find pieces of fabric that I love and I don't know what to do with it. I hate to sew...stapling is so much more straight forward. So here you are, a few old curtains, some fabric scraps, and a few picture frames from the dollar store became the art for our long, empty kitchen wall.


Kilner said...

Love it Lindsey! You are amazing. This is so much fun watching you decorate your OWN house!
Love the cork board too! You make it?

Kilner said...

oh, and I do love the wall color~
you have a great eye.
thanks for posting photos. I feel like it has been a while and I am behind in your progress.

Megan said...

Excited to get see all the magic you've worked when we come out this summer! Your kitchen cabinets are remarkably unoffensive for that era. Clean lines-nice!