Thursday, July 15, 2010

Paneling have never looked so good

I loved this picture when I saw it a few months ago, but I only just noticed that this room has wood paneling! The light color makes it look more nautical than dated. The wood beams catch your eye first, which makes the walls flow with the theme. The wood reminds me of a monastery - echoed also by the rope ties around the curtains. Another brilliant move for this space was the bold linens. Any time you have very muted and/or natural surroundings a detailed linen will look stunning. Lastly, I think this room is just so fun. There is something so gratifying about being able to draw a curtain around your bed when you are 8 years old. What kid wouldn't love this room?


Deborah said...

LOVE this room! What a FUN kids' room! I especially the love the fabric on the duvet covers--so cheery! :)

Grace said...

It looks like the perfect attic children's room right?