Friday, January 20, 2012

The office you don't have to dust

I wish I knew where I got this picture, but as usual, I found it saved on my computer so the brilliant mind behind it will have to go without recognition.  Again.  But, seriously, what a great idea!  That's a shower caddy turned into an office-supply station.  It would fit in just about any kitchen.  You could always keep a few envelopes and a check book for paying bills or sorting mail.  I love the pencil basket hanging from the bottom.  I never remember where I've decided to 'organize' the pens.  It would be much better just to have them in plain sight.

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Dorcas Giles said...

Linds! You should have a Pinterest account and then you can pin all these wonderful photos you find AND be able to still give credit where credit is due! BTW, LOVE this idea!