Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some house things

Well, well, as it turns out trying to be a decent mom and  home-owner really does take up a lot of time, and apparently posting online has taken the back burner.  Here's a few things I'm looking at for the house.

Ikea - probably to go next to one of the fireplaces.  Our house has a terrible lack of chairs.

Ikea -for Darcy's room.  I'm considering throwing on a coat of light green paint and something similar to these curtains.
 World Market - I'm always on the lookout for a new dining table.

World Market - for the dining room, because wouldn't it be perfect with that table?


Kilner said...

Love the chair and love the table! Eddie and I looked at that same table when we went to the World Market in Denver....it is much better is person!!

Pippin said...

Shades of orange are filling the stores this years. That chair would be lovely dressed up in some of Pier 1's new pillows.

The dining room table: my favorite look for this style table is to place a bench along one side.

If you like to tie back your curtains, these really want something outrageously creative to tie them with. They are also VERY easy to sew extra lengths on since they have a lot in the pattern to inspire.