Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some sort of kitchen craziness

Is this a space ship or a kitchen? Are those alien or pendant lights? As crazy as it is, I think I love this kitchen. It might have something to do with the palm tree out of that huge window over the sink....but I also love the green glass counter on the island, the super shiny back splash, and the light fixtures. I'm not too crazy about the cabinets, and the floor looks like it would be a headache to keep clean. But whether or not you love this kitchen, I think we have to agree that the designer made a great decision in the wood finish on the island. The intensity of the other colors is toned down by the natural element.

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Trish Lawrence said...

I love the colour scheme in this kitchen ~ can anyone tell me where I can get those fabulous lighting pendants? Cheers Trish