Saturday, April 2, 2011

How to Decorate with No Time and No Money #4

Hope from asked this question on last week's post. "maybe you already covered this, Lindsey, but do you have tips on how to figure out what your vision is when you feel like you like a bunch of different styles and influences?" This is such a great lead in to my next tip on decorating your own home without spending a lot of time or money.

Now that you have picked your three main colors, found inspirational pictures, and started editing, you have probably found that your "style" isn't limited to just one look. Or, perhaps, you live with other people and their stuff is also in your home. This is where you really have to get creative and start using your design eyes. You absolutely don't want your house to look like a magazine - we use them for inspiration, not for copying.

So, how do you incorporate all your favorite things into one "look"? If you have used your three main colors on many of the large areas of your home, then things should already be looking a little more pulled together. I have many different styles of furniture in my own home, but I try to keep them all coordinating by color because I love so many different styles.

Another way to make mixed styles work is to separate them by room. Kid's rooms are always a fresh palette - so if you are dying for something totally different from the rest of the house, go for it! Master Bedrooms are usually very separate too, and can handle a different look. If you are going to stray from your larger color palette, try it in these out of the way rooms.

Let's say, for example, that you have your grandmother's old bedroom set. It's beautiful, but the rest of your furniture is from Ikea and obviously not working with it. Just go ahead and decorate the bedroom to match the old set and try to pull in a color or two from the rest of the house. Learning to use color to your advantage is a huge step in good decorating. Designing well is all about making something work visually, and color can trick the eye better than anything else.

Another situation might be that you love the eclectic style of Anthropologie, but you also really like the clean looks in Pottery Barn. In this sort of a situation, you can pick elements that you like of each and use them. For example, you could go with a Pottery Barn style, but use colors that you find in Anthroplogie. Or you can use Anthropologie's mismatched style, but use textiles and and patterns that are a little cleaner like Pottery Barn.

The number one thing to remember when you are decorating is to fill your home with things that you and your family love. Yes, change the colors of things, edit things that really clash, create a vision, but don't be afraid to keep your grandma's afghan draped over a modern couch. The mix of styles is what makes it your home and the very best decorating is one with personality.

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