Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Boys and Girls

Rayia from http://thefullnessofjoy.blogspot.com/ asked if I had any tips on how to decorate a boy/girl kid room. Here are a few thoughts - hope you find something helpful!

There are two different approaches to mixing kid's rooms without going completely gender neutral. The first thing you could try to like the room below...have the exact same patterns (stripes, polka dots, etc.) but in distinctly girly and distinctly boyish colors. But you have to make sure that your colors look good together. As you can see, this room has the classic pink and blue, but the tone of the pink is very purple so that it coordinates well with the blue. Also, the blue is on the purplish side of blues, which makes it coordinate well with the pink.
The second option is to take gender neutral colors that will be on both "sides" of the room, but to use specifically girl and boy patterns. For example, you could use red, blue, and lime green. On the boy's section use a cute cowboy print on the bedding that has these colors, but on the girl section use a cute floral that has these colors. It's going to look a little crazy if you go with patterns as busy as the ones below, so you can accent the room with solid colors and lots of white. One big tip if you are going to try this, make sure that both fabrics have the same color background. This will make them look more coherent when you look at the whole room.

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Rayia said...

Thanks so much! Very helpful ideas!