Friday, March 25, 2011

The Mantel

This little arrangement of Parisian scenes is one of my favorite spots in the house right now. I found three old frames that I had on hand and painted them the same color as the ceiling. I'll just be honest, I'm a terrible painter, evidenced by the fact that I will paint any material. I'm surprised I haven't taken a brush to the living room carpet. The frames turned out alright, considering the fact that I'm sure every paint expert would tell me that I can't paint plastic.

(If you think this arrangement looks a bit unbalanced, the fireplace itself is not centered, so I counteracted the weight of the fireplace with a heavier weighted arrangement on the opposite side of the mantel shelf. But I am planning to get something a little taller for the spot where that green candle is.)


Hope said...

really cute, Lindsey! LOVE the soft blue! where did you get the Parisian scenes? are they postcards?

Bobbi Jo said...

I love it. Paris does it for me. But also, your colors, and the groupings of things that you do are just appealing.

Lindsey Tollefson said...

Hope, they are little notecards that I picked up at La Bella Vita about 6 years ago. I had them in Darcy's nursery in the last house, but I needed something cheerful in the living room.