Saturday, March 12, 2011

30 Decorating Tips

If you read the latest Better Homes and Gardens, then you saw their 30 easy decorating tips. It was a great list! I've used many of these tips before. So, if you didn't get a chance to pour over it, I've paraphrased it here for you.

1. Prop pictures frames and mirrors against a wall, overlapping them slightly. Layering adds dimension to your room.
2. Find a big mirror at an antique store and paint the frame.
3. For a cheap flower arrangement, buy a tasteful color of carnations and bunch them together in a low bowl.
4. Decorate bookshelves by adding a color or wall paper to the back, organize books by color, and break up the visual with some pretty accessories.
5. Keep bathroom clutter in a tray, and add alot of white linens for a spa atmosphere.
6. Use a freestanding coat rack in a bedroom to catch all those things that would otherwise end up on the floor. They also work great in guest bedrooms so you don't have to clear out the closet.
7. Change around your art once or twice a year.
8. Use baskets or storage bins on open shelving to catch things like DVDs and phone books.
9. Tuck a dowel between your sofa cushions and the back to keep slip covers from moving.
10. The more light directed at the counter tops in your kitchen, the shiner and brighter they will feel.
11. Use trays wherever clutter just happens - on a coffee table, by the front door, next to a sink.
12. Raise a low ceiling by using the same color on the wall but having the paint store mix it at "half formula".
13. Decorate the fireplace in summer with candles or plants.
14. Decorate your backsplash with trays or trivets until you can afford to put in that beautiful tile you've been dreaming of.
15. Table lamps cast beautiful lighting, but make sure that the bottom of the shade is about the same height from the floor and your chin is when you are sitting.
16. Decorate your entry way first - it is what everyone sees when they walk in.
17. Stay away from the expected centerpiece - use what other pretty accessories you have and arrange them on (you guessed it) a tray.
18. Hang curtains as high to the ceiling as you can without highwatering the window.
19. Use a colorful tote bag to hold magazines.
20. For a new look, swap out and old Oriental rug with a sea grass or jute.
21. You can use a shower curtain for your shower, or you can cut it in half and use it as curtains, or sew two together to make a pretty duvet cover.
22. Swap out your coverlets and blankets with the changing seasons.
23. Hang your art in relation to where your furniture is placed, not necessarily centered with the architecture.
24. Wall paper the drawer and door fronts of a painted dresser or cabinet.
25. Always take a second look at soap dishes and trashcans. They can start looking dingy fast and are easily missed by someone who sees them every day.
26. Use branches from your trees instead of a floral centerpiece for a beautiful winter arrangement.
27. Use art and accessories that mean a lot to your family. Make your space personal.
28. Paint the back wall on a landing to add a pop of color as you walk up the stairs.
29. Place a decorative basket or tote at the bottom of the stairs to catch clutter that needs to be taken back up.
30. If you are afraid of pattern, find small ways to bring it into your room - a pillow cover, or a colorful picture.

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