Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tiling a bathroom

When putting together a bathroom, it is obviously always good to think about moisture control. Nobody wants a bathroom that has mold. And wouldn't it be nice to wipe down every surface easily?

The "vintage" approach that you see in many old houses is tiling halfway up the wall. While this leaves room for a color or pattern on the top part of the wall, it doesn't solve the moisture problem.

And this one isn't even tiled, just wood panels. Pretty, but not very practical.

I'm all for tiling all the way up the walls.

And speaking of mirrors, check out this mirrored tub.

One thing that I haven't seen much, and I couldn't even find a picture, is tiling the ceiling. But who wants to do the work? I would recommend going with sheet tile backsplashes on the ceiling. They are light and would be easy to place above your head, plus moisture proof.

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Ashley said...

Here's a pic with a tiled ceiling. Bran said most people don't do it because it is hard to get everything to stick. Looks cool, though!

I love the mirrored tub. Baths are my favorite and I'd love a tub like that someday.