Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Headboards that I love

I do like the clean look of a wood headboard, but if you want a lush, comfy mood for your bedroom, consider one of these fabulous headboards:

Or if you can stand something a little more glamorous:

One thing that I absolutely love about this last room is the repeat motif between the rug and the headboard. This room is really well done with it's shiny textures and colors and regal-like ottomans.


Mrs. McCarthy said...

I LOVE the look of upholstered headboards (a la Ballard Designs:

But they can be SO expensive. Ergo, I'm hoping to someday make one for our master bedroom! Like so:

Lindsey Tollefson said...

Let me know how the Isabella/Max tutorial works for you. I've recommended it to several people but not tried it myself.