Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vision Board: Dining Room

Here are a few ideas for a dining room that I'm currently working on. It's in a beautiful old home and just needs a few updates. The room already features this floor

It has wainscoting in a dark esspresso brown, similar to this picture:

The walls above the wainscoating are a grey green, similar to this picture:

In order to help blend the dark wainscoating with the light floors, we are considering seagrass chairs. They are slightly more shiny than wicker, which makes them dressier, but casual enough to fit the style of the home-owners. The darker of the two would be my choice.

Now, I am not usually a fan of mixing too many different wood stains in a room, but because there is little else going on in a dining room, and because we have introduced the seagrass, I'm thinking about a medium stain table. There is no natural light in the room and a dark table would be too much dark brown for the size of the space. A light table to match the floor would look too country-kitchen style. Here is a table that I'm considering:

To echo the craftsman style of the wainscoating and the table, I'm thinking this fantastic chandelier just might be the answer, depending on what other lighting is going on in the room:

We are now looking at a very brown, very grey room. For some color I'm recommending this gorgeous rug. It has all the different shades of brown and green that are already in the room, plus it adds some reds, oranges, and bolder greens.

For paintings I'll have to see what the owners already have on hand, but if we need to buy something, this fantastic piece has all the right ideas. It is colorful (something this room needs!), it is semi-rustic without being too back-woods, and it pulls all my browns together.

As I mentioned, there are no windows in the room, but I've been thinking about window treatments alot lately. All the trim in the house is cream. Which would you choose to fit this room? Roman shades in red, or indoor shutters in cream?


RealHousewife of Chicago said...

Any chance you could credit those photos? I'm loving the farmhouse-style table and the rug!

Lindsey Tollefson said...

Hey, The table is from Pottery Barn and the rug is Company C.

Other things - chairs from pottery barn, painting from BaaBee :), floors are Home Depot, green room is found in House Beautiful, roman shade is found in Coastal Living, and I can't remember the others. They are mostly just images that I have in my ideas book.