Monday, October 5, 2009

Guest bedroom tips:

Set out clean towels (at least one bath towel and washcloth per person). I usually tie them with a ribbon. Set out water bottles, a fresh toothbrush, new soap, shampoo, mouth wash, and kleenex.

Keep decorating and clutter to a minimum. If you have no other place in the house to store things, then hide them with a pretty curtain. At our house, the study is also the guest room, and soon to also be the nursery. Sheer curtains come in handy when overnight guests drop in.

Other things to have in the guest room: a basket of extra blankets, a mirror, hooks for wet towels and coats, a clean bathrobe (especially if you are sharing the bathroom), a heater or a fan depending on the time of year, a few coat hangers and empty drawers, an alarm clock, a few snacks like granola bars, and a candle or fresh flowers.

What if you don't have a guest bed? Blow up an air mattress, but make sure the sheets are clean and smelling fresh. Always make sure that you have good quality pillows for your guests (I leave out at least two per person).

What if you don't have a guest room? You can easily set these things out in the living room or den - set towels, bathrobe, toiletries, water bottles, and snacks, alarm clock in a big basket on the coffee table or a TV tray. Have another pretty basket of blankets and a heater next to the mattress. Bring in a portable coat rack, or have some hooks in the wall that they can use.

Unexpected guests? Always keep your guest sheets, towels, pillows, and bathrobes laundered and in a separate place from the family stash. Keep a basket stocked of all the extra toiletries and snacks that you want to set out, and make sure that you always have batteries for the air mattress pump.

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