Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oilcloth for Sale

Oilcloth Price List:

Email orders to mrstolly@gmail.com

all patterns available for viewing at www.oilcloth.com

  • Entire roll of your choice: $77 (30 % off regular retail value!)
  • 47.5"x 48" piece of your choice: $15
  • 47.5"x 70" piece of your choice: $20
  • 47.5"x 84" piece of your choice: $25
  • 47.5"x 102" piece of your choice: $30
  • 68" round tablecloth of your choice (comes in select patterns only): $45
  • 47" round tablecloth of your choice: $20
  • Adult Apron (select patterns only): $30
  • Child Apron: $20
  • Child Bib: $10
  • Baby bib: $7 each, or $5 each when buying 2 or more.
  • Chalk cloth 12"x17": $10
  • Chalk cloth 4'x4': $25
  • Hot/Cold Cup sleeves (assorted prints): $20 for 5
  • Ditty Bag (select patterns): $10
  • Pet Mat (select patterns): $10
  • Placemats 13"x17":$25 for 4
  • Pouche 5"x8": $6
  • Pouche 10" x13": $10
  • Splat Mat 48"x48": $45
  • Tote large: $25
  • Tote Small: $15

* $7 shipping fee


Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsey! :) Cute blog. I like your craftiness. Do you sell oilcloth outside of Moscow? I'm considering a roll for my dining room table, so wanted to know before I looked over the swatched too seriously. Are you coming to family camp? Hope you're doing well. Call me sometime.

~Moriah Barach~

gentle*occupation said...

Hi there :) So, I read a blog every day called Style Me Pretty (it's about wedding stuff....go figure), and yesterday's post on floral arrangements made me think of you! Thought you might want to check it out:

"Designs by Wiggy Flowers"
*posted May 29, 2008

Hope all is well!


Emeth Hesed said...

Lindsey! I just saw a link to your blog on Moriah's blog. Do you ship outside Moscow? I'd love to buy a tablecloth and wondered what the patterns were. Maybe you could post some pictures....